Though by profession a Dentist; Dr. Urvish Modi is just not a mere Dentist. He is an Academic Clinician with difference. His intrinsic tendency to add, flavored to the jobs he performed and makes him a class apart from Regional over-faded Dental Market.
* Personalized treatment plans
* Quality treatment at reasonable cost
* Patient safety and comfort is key to our success
* Maintaining 100% hygienic standards
* Quality Cosmetic Dentistry at a price you can afford
* The latest and state of the art dental technology
* Prime location with plenty of space for our patients
* Dedicated team of Specialized doctors
* Well oriented and well trained staff
This is what we promise we do for our patients:
We will…
* Welcome you into a caring professional environment
* Listen with respect and respond to your patient concerns
* Clearly state the cost of proposed treatment in a treatment plan in advance of you starting any treatment
* Perform our dentistry to the very best international standard for our patients at all times deliver only evidence-based contemporary treatment options
* Use only recognized systems for their quality with a proven scientific track record
* We always listen to our patients when you tell us how we can improve our services to you
* Best Root Canal Therapy
* Cosmetic Dentistry
* Endodontics
* Periodontia
* Implantology
* Orthodontia
* Oral surgery
* Oral radiology